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Meet Melissa Vicente!!!

Welcome back fans to another Monday Mention. Today we will be bringing you the soon to be published Melissa Vicente, another of Tiger Dynasty's up and coming, amazing authors. I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit.


    1. Tell us what a day in the life of __Melissa_ is like.
Hectic! I start my day at 4:45am then head to work and clock in at 6am. My schedule changes weekly so I can work shifts anywhere from four hours to twelve hours a day. My current job is at a hotel, so anything goes when it comes to guests. They can either be mellow or they can be hostile, either way it's a laugh riot. After work and even sometimes during work, I'm deep in school books. Bachelor’s degrees are no joke! Usually while I'm doing homework I have movies or shows playing in the background, this week it's Breaking Bad Season 2. Are you tired yet? After homework I work on some projects, this week it's a diaper cake I'm making for a baby shower. Next comes a few hours or minutes of reading or writing, pulling out my clothes for the next work day, making sure my school books are packed and then finally BED.

    1. What made you want to start writing?
I've always had an inkling for writing. When I was younger I would write short stories or tiny poems but as I got older my ideas got bigger and I started writing more things, some which turned into novels.

    1. When writing, do you prefer silence or some kind of background noise?
Depending on what I'm writing I can deal with all types of noise. Music, movies, shows, talking. I tend to write whenever I have the time and that can mean typing my writing on my cell phone on line at Starbucks.
    1. Morning person or night owl?
I most definitely not a morning person, so night owl it is.

    1. Do you prefer to have a schedule or wing it?
Winging it is how I prefer to do things. Of course some things in life need a schedule like work and school but other than those, I like to be in the moment.

    1. When you have downtime from writing, what do you like to do?
Reading is at the top of the list, of course. I like to do crafts, recently I started making diaper cakes for baby showers which I enjoy. I also like usual stuff; hanging with friends, listening to music, traveling when possible.
    1. Do you make an outline or just write?
Just write. I've tried to do outlines but they end up just looking like notes from a mad scientist.
    1. What advice would you give aspiring writers?
Just write! Over the years I've looked back at things I've written and I think to myself “were you nuts?” but the more you write the better you get. So my advice would be just write, regardless of what it is; writing for school papers, writing short stories, writing haiku’s, grocery lists or anything that gets the mind wondering.
    1. How do you come up with your ideas?
The majority of my ideas have come from dreams; snippets of things I remember from a dream or nightmare.
    1. Do you like to base your characters on pure fiction or is there a little of real friends in them?
Majority of my characters have a salt shake of real friends or just people I have met throughout my life. Most of the time, my friends can tell which characters are based on them. Those characters that aren't based on anyone are pure fiction.
    1. Do you have a favorite author and why?
Yes. My favorite author and also the author who inspires me and is my hero is Anne Rice. I started reading Anne Rice in middle school and was instantly in love. She broke through a lot of barriers and wrote what she wanted and how she wanted despite controversy. She's a legend in my eyes. 


 Melissa Vicente resides in New Jersey with her adorable dwarf hamster, Lincoln, whom she named in honor of our great President. With a degree in Psychology, Melissa uses what she's learned about different personalities to play around with many types of characters. Her fiercely handsome, devastatingly murderous angel Pagan, is the main character in her debut novel, Bitten Wings, due out this winter.

Book: Bitten Wings (Not yet published)


Twitter: TheMissMissyV

Instagram: TheMissMissyV

Pinterest: MissMissyV

Thank you for being here with us.  I hope you enjoyed getting a view into out lovely authors mind, and be sure to keep your eyes open for her book as soon as it goes available.  Stay tuned here next Monday, when we will be bringing you yet another of our talented minds, and showering you with more info and love.

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Meet Ashley Torbeck!!

Welcome back to yet another Monday mention. Today we will be meeting the wonderful Ashley Torbeck. A very talented author who is not only sweet but also has a great mind for writing.

Remember to stay tuned at the end for a teaser of what this amazing author is bringing you in the future.  


1.) Tell us what a day in the life of Ashley is like.

A day in the life of Ashley? Honestly, it’s a little boring, hehe! I’m a stay-at-home housewife and I’m on a second shift schedule to match my husband’s. I get up when he leaves for work, and tackle the magnificent task of catching up my social media. Throughout the day, my ADD doesn’t let me focus on one thing for too long, so I’ll bounce around between writing, editing, goofing off on Facebook (I really spend far too much time there), cleaning my house, tending to my dog and 2 cats, checking/responding to emails…really whatever arises. I keep myself busy until my husband leaves work, then I put on dinner and we eat when he gets home. Then it’s a movie and some conversation before bed. On days I spend out of the house, I’m addicted to consignment shopping and visiting with family.

2.) What made you want to start writing?

Honestly, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been expressing myself in some form of writing. I obsessed with writing letters to random people when I was a little kid, I would write my own stories as I started getting older, during those terrible teenage years I dabbled in some poetry, and when I became an adult, I’d write to calm myself and make sense of my own emotions. What prompted me to let people read it was the realization that I’d just written a full length novel, and I realized that distant dream of being a writer was an actual possibility.

3.) When writing, do you prefer silence or some kind of background noise?

Oh, goodness, I simply have to have background noise! I go crazy when the only sound is the tapping of the keys and my own thoughts. I need something to drown out the mess, and I have several playlists I listen to on Spotify as well as on my phone. Sometimes I’ll turn the TV on low just to have something else going on, though that one can be distracting.

4.) Morning person or night owl?

Night owl. I despise mornings.

5.) Do you prefer to have a schedule or wing it?

Wing it. I’ve attempted writing to a schedule but sometimes there are days-even weeks-when I can barely write my own name, let alone work on a manuscript. On the flip side, there are days when I’ll sit down and crank out 6K words a day for several days in a row. The one thing I know for certain is that if I try to force it, what ends up on the paper is usually boring, depressing, or filled with random swear words that make exactly zero sense as I start to grow weary and frustrated. No schedule for me, thanks.

6.) When you have downtime from writing, what do you like to do?

I love to sit down and have a scary movie marathon. Any horror or B-rated horror flicks are welcome, provided it’s a real plot. I also love crafts, like crocheting and making decorative soaps. I’ll be crafting my own Halloween costume this year (wish me luck!) and possibly a couple others for friends. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and one that I don’t get to do nearly often enough.

7.) Do you make an outline or just write?

I tried an outline once too. Broke it in the first page. Just like the schedule, I can’t adhere to the outline because it’s too restricting. I tend to let the characters tell me the story rather than me trying to create something, because as a lot of other writers will agree, when you start telling the wrong story, it suddenly becomes a tedious chore to write, and you’re never happy with it. Sure, there’s wiggle room in an outline, but for me, I just listen and type what I hear. Yes, I do realize that sounds quite insane. I’m okay with that.

8.) What advice would you give aspiring writers?

You will never know what you CAN do until you eliminate all the ways that you CAN’T. You want to be a writer? You have to work for it. Try something new. Try something else. Make mistakes. Without those mistakes and experiences, you’ll never improve. Graciously accept feedback. There will be people out there who love your work. There will be people who hate it. But without feedback on both sides, you’ll never improve. Oh, and NETWORKING is a great friend. Meet people who know people. Befriend bloggers and book reviewers. Like pages on Facebook and follow people on Twitter. Tweet a LOT. Update your status a lot. Get your name out there before you even get your book in the hands of a publisher (or uploaded to whatever platform you’re using to self-publish) and meet people who can help you with things like reviews, editing, promotions, blog tours and blog hops. Had I not been working on building my network, I would never have learned about Tiger Dynasty Publishing, and never would have signed a contract with them. I wouldn’t have people promoting me without me even asking. These things are vital and will be a great asset regardless of whether you self-publish or follow the traditional route.

9.) How do you come up with your ideas?

Well, with my series, Daughters of Night, it was a single mental image and a line. “He pulled up to the curb in a candy apple red Ferrari.” It annoyed me until I sat down at my laptop and typed it in. It was followed by another line, then another, and by the time I stopped for a break, I had several pages of the first book in the series, Sanctuary. I do, however, have a few WIP’s that are the result of nightmares. I know, it’s cliché, but it’s the truth! I even self-published a book called Confessions from an Unstable Mind that’s a collection of short stories which are actual dreams I’ve had. I have two dream catchers hanging in my room and I still wake up screaming some nights…

10.) Do you like to base your characters on pure fiction or is there a little of real friends in them?

Oh, there’s a lot of friends and even myself in each of my characters! I relate most closely to the main character, Carmen, and Carmen’s best friend is Aliena. My own best friend is Aly, who is just as close to me as Aliena is to Carmen. Gaviyn is Carmen’s mate, and my husband Andy is very much like him. In fact, I modeled Gaviyn to all the best qualities of Andy. Sure, there’s plenty of fiction in the characters, but each one contains a piece of me and a piece of someone close to me.

11.) Do you have a favorite author and why?

Hands down, my favorite author would be Stephen King. Despite the fact that he’s one of the most well-known authors in the US ever, he has a way of describing events, situations, and objects that is so in-depth and finite that I might just saw off my left arm for half of his talent. The subjects of his stories are his dreams as well, and I’d love to work with him on a compilation of short stories. Oh, that would be a dream come true! I’ve been reading his works since I was in grade school, and I have no intention of stopping-he truly is a master of his craft and picking his brain would be the ultimate experience, not to mention honor.


An avid reader and sarcasm specialist, Ashley's quirky and bubbly personality stems from the vast amount of information she crammed into her head as a child. No genre was off limits, but she developed a fondness for Stephen King books early on. Of course, growing up in Eastern Kentucky, life moved a little slower, so books became her closest friends.

Fast forward a few years, and the vast insanity that surrounded Ashley became her life. In January 2009, she married the only person on Earth as insane as herself, and they now reside in Louisville, Kentucky, patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse while she taps away at the laptop with a plethora of stories to keep you entertained.


Facebook (Author Page)

Facebook (Character Page: Damien Hartford) –


After all that Carmen has been through, there is nothing she won’t do for her family. Nothing.

Time is running out for Carmen to find and save Damien, and she’s barely clinging to sanity, especially when she learns Damien is being tortured by the vampire who tried to raise Lilith. Her patience is really pushed to the edge when she watches helplessly as her husband’s mind is invaded by her son, and she gets to witness the agony both Gaviyn and Damien experience. With the help of a few voices from the-past not to mention the vampires and witches of Sanctuary-Carmen wages war on the vampires keeping her son, and she’s not willing to let anything stand in her way. Not even death.

Books by Ashley Torbeck:

Daughters of Night Trilogy:

Daughters of Night: Sanctuary (August 2012)
Daughters of Night: Possession (December 2012)
Daughters of Night: Tribulation (Anticipated 2014)

Other Publications:

Confessions from an Unstable Mind (June 2013)
Orphan House (June 2013)

Keep your eyes open for these upcoming Works:

Apartment 4C
Devil’s Playground
The Fall
Please enjoy this excerpt from her already released books. Run out and get them so when her new book is released, you will be caught up and not out in the cold, while everyone else is raving about

Excerpt – Daughters of Night: Sanctuary:

             After a couple of weeks of grueling training and learning to control my thirst, I was pretty pleased with myself, but I really missed my dad and all my friends back home. Kaitlyn, my best friend, was probably overcome with depression, and I couldn’t wait to show her I was still alive to ease the pain.
            Then it happened.
            Gaviyn had gone off to get supplies one evening. I knew he would be gone for a couple of hours, so I let myself go out and enjoy the night air. It was such a clear, beautiful night, and the air was so crisp, I just started meandering around the grounds. I found myself at the southern part of the grounds opposite of the beach, past the gardens and near the edge of the woods. Suddenly, the most mouth-watering smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It was so sweet, and heavy with flavor, that I could almost taste it. I started sniffing deeply to absorb as much of it as I could. I couldn’t get enough of it! I started hurrying in the direction of that delectable scent, eager to see what the source was. My mind went crazy, and I lost all control. All I could think about was getting to that smell and devouring whatever animal gave off such a scent.
            I neared a small clearing about a mile into the woods, and up in a deer stand were two men, one about 50-ish and the other in his early 20’s. They sat motionless, backs toward me, with rifles poised to shoot the next wild animal that entered their line of sight. They didn’t hear me approach, I could move soundlessly through even the thickest underbrush. I became a predator, and I had found my new prey.
            The scent grew so overwhelmingly intense, it made my mouth water. Instinct took over and I had no logical thought. I crouched low and eased myself closer to the deer stand quickly and noiselessly. I could feel my fangs growing in, and it felt good. It felt natural, and animalistic. As soon as I was close enough, I launched myself up in the air, my powerful legs propelling me upward effortlessly, and I landed softly behind the two men in the deer stand, perfectly on balance.
            Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration that the additional sudden weight change would shift the wooden platform, and the younger man turned to look directly into my eyes. I no longer had the element of surprise, so I pounced. The younger man fell backward, screaming and firing a wayward shot in the air. I landed on the older man, and I pulled him close. The smell was driving me wild, and I smiled as I sank my teeth into his tender skin.
            The taste was overwhelming! The smell paled in comparison, and lost myself in the whirlwind of desire. I drank and drank from the older man, paying no attention to the futile screams coming from both him and the younger man still laying on the ground. I could hear the older man’s heartbeat slowing as I drank away his life. Just as his heart stopped, I pulled back. My mouth and chin were covered in thick crimson. I dropped the limp, lifeless body to the platform and closed my eyes in satisfaction. I licked my lips greedily, enjoying the last of the hunter’s blood.
            Then I heard the screams that were still coming from below me. My eyes popped open and I leaned over the edge of the platform to where the younger hunter had fallen. He laid there, writing in terror-filled pain with two broken legs, and when he saw me covered in the older hunter’s blood, he panicked. He started trying to crawl away, dragging his lower body with his elbows. I laughed. I actually laughed at his feeble attempt to escape, as though he had any chance of surviving.
            I stepped off the platform and dropped down to the ground with ease. I slowly walked toward him, smiling so my fangs would show, with the intention of driving the fear. The foolish man started begging for his life, pleading for me to let him live, and swearing he would tell no one that it was me that killed his father. He promised to say it was a bear or some other animal, or that he wasn’t even around when it happened. I just kept smiling as I sauntered toward him, casually closing the distance between us. His pleading gave way to uncontrolled sobbing, mixed with incoherent begging and screams.
            I slowly moved into a crouched position straddling him, then reached down with one hand and caressed the side of his face. No more crying. No more screaming, or begging, I thought. The young man stopped crying, begging, and screaming instantly, as if there was a toggle switch for his emotions. I pulled my hand back and leaned in close to him. Sit up straight, and stay silent. He sat up straight and stared ahead at me like a zombie. My smile widened, and I leaned forward toward the man’s neck.
            Before I could even touch my teeth to his neck, I was hit from the side and knocked to the ground on my back. Gaviyn was laying over me, pinning me to the ground. I instantly got pissed-he was interrupting my meal and my twisted idea of entertainment. I gathered my strength and pushed hard against the ground with my legs, arcing my body up and forcing Gaviyn off of me. I pushed toward the left and he lost his balance, falling off to the left side of me, and I jumped up in an instant and started to attack. Gaviyn and I fought for nearly 10 full minutes, biting, scratching, and trying to kill one another. I wanted to kill him. Every fiber of my existence wanted to rip his throat out, but he put up one hell of a fight. Finally, after we had pushed each other away and there was a gap between us, Gaviyn spoke.
            “Carmen, listen to me!” he screamed, pleadingly. “You have to stop, you can’t do this! Look at him, he’s an innocent person-a HUMAN!”
            I stopped in mid attack. Rational thought flooded my head in an instant, my animal instincts withdrawing to a corner of my mind. I looked down at the man, who was still sitting straight up and waiting for me to take his life. I looked up at the platform that held the body of the older hunter whose life I had stolen from him. All of a sudden, I felt my legs turn to jelly again and this time Gaviyn didn’t catch me. I hit the ground hard, but I didn’t even feel it. I realized what had happened, and I started crying. Not those cute little girly cries, either. I was full on bawling my eyes out, bloody tears practically spurting from my eyes. I covered my face with my hands and pulled my knees up to my chest.
            “Wh-what have I done?” I cried out. “How could I? I didn’t mean it! I’m so SORRY!”
            Gaviyn let me cry for a minute, and then came over and crouched next to me. He ran a hand through my hair.
            “This is my fault. I shouldn’t have left you alone so long.”
            I raised my head up and looked at him through the tears.
            “Don’t be ridiculous, you left me alone before and I didn’t go on a massive…killing spree.”
            “I still should have made sure nobody was in the area.”
            “You can’t take the blame for my mistakes, Gaviyn, I did this, I killed that man and I would have killed another if you hadn’t stopped me.”
            Gaviyn looked at me and I knew he still blamed himself.
            “Gaviyn, you can control it, so I should be able to control it, too. But I didn’t. I lost control and I only have myself to blame.”
            He halfway smiled at me.
            “You had never smelled human blood either, Carmen. I’ve been around it for a really, really long time.”
            He was right on that account, but it did not excuse what I did. However, rational thought kicked in, and I remembered the younger man. He had watched me kill his father, drink the life right out of him, and I had come after him for seconds.
            “Oh, God, Gaviyn, what about him?” I asked, nodding toward the younger man as I starting to panic a little.

Excerpt – Daughters of Night: Possession:


            About ten feet away from me, toward the grassy hills, was a white wrought iron table with a glass inlaid top. Sitting on opposite sides of the table were two identical overstuffed armchairs.
            Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a man seated in one of those chairs.
            I stood quickly, throwing up my guard and calling on my magic in case the man was threatening.
            IDIOT! I chastised myself quietly. Stupid stupid stupid! How could you let yourself be drawn into such a dangerous situation?
            The man didn't move. For a moment I wondered if the man was even a real person.
            “Who are you?” I shouted to the man, making my voice bigger than I really was, hoping he would guess that I was far more dangerous than I looked.
            He didn't respond.
            “Tell me who you are, now!” I commanded, growing angry.
            When he responded his voice was soft, calm, and familiar.
            “Would you really threaten your own son, mother?”
            Son? Mother? What the hell?
            Surprised, I let my arms fall limply at my sides.
            “Come. Sit. We have much to discuss.”
            Without my consent, my feet carried me over to the figure. When I was close enough to see him, I looked into his eyes. His beautiful gray-blue eyes, swirling with silver and purple.
            “Damien?” I asked when I finally reached the table.
            He smiled at me. It was a smile I'd only seen on two people in my life-Gaviyn, and my son.
            “You look shocked.”
            I was. Because aside from the obvious facial features and height, this man shared no other similarities with my Damien. His face was gaunt, with a grayish-white pallor. He appeared to be in his twenties, but with vampires, age is nearly impossible to guess. He wore a custom-tailored suit, black jacket and pants, gray tie and undershirt, shiny leather shoes that you'd find on a human businessman.
            His hair was cut short, and though I always yelled at Damien about keeping his hair so long, I realized quickly that I preferred the length over the awkward short hair this Damien had.
            On the table in front of him was a tall glass filled with a dark red liquid that looked remarkably like blood. I sniffed the air discreetly.
            Definitely blood. Fresh, too.
            “You're right, it is blood,” he said, reading my thoughts. “Please sit, you look as though your legs won't hold up much longer.”
            He was right. I gripped the arm of the chair and guided myself into the seat, and as my knees finally gave out I crashed down hard on the seat. He smirked.
            “You look a little shocked, Mother. Something wrong?”
            I looked at him a moment longer, really taking in this snake-like appearance of my son.
            “You're not Damien. You're not my son.”
            He laughed.
            “Oh, I assure you, I am. You see,” he said, leaning forward, “I'm one possible outcome. There are many of us, and in the end, it will be a direct result of your actions and your decisions that picks which of us will be the one your version of Damien will become.”
            I swallowed hard. That was a lot to take in.
            “What a stupid question,” he said, wrinkling his face up and shaking his head before looking away.
            “Tell me how any of this is even real. Am I hallucinating?”
            It took him several seconds to answer.
            “Not exactly. This is more of a vision. A peek into the future, if you will, so you can see what you have to work with.”
            “So which one are you? What action or decision causes you to become my son?”
            His eyes danced, and he smiled. Somehow, that smile had lost its charm.
            “Why? Do you like what you see?” he sneered.
            I glared at him.
            “Just because this is a vision doesn't make me any less your mother. Tell me.”
            His smile faded, and he looked injured. I continued glaring at him.
            “Fine, if you must know,” he finally said, indignantly, “I come about if you die.”
            I gasped, and my hands flew to my mouth to cover my gaping jaw.
            “Yeah, not exactly a happy ending, is it? Well, it's not all rainbows and butterflies for me, either, thanks for asking.”
            I couldn't speak. I couldn't even breathe.
            “Oh, stop gawking, you're not invincible,” he said, wrinkling his face up again. “You left me. Dad left me. Everything fell apart. I was left to fend for myself, and yeah, I made some poor choices. Now, your baby boy is on the lam, running from some very unscrupulous characters out for my blood. Actually, I'm probably dead by now anyway.”
            “'re so strong. So powerful. So smart,” I said, not bothering to hide my shock and pain anymore.
            “Look, I lost my parents, and I freaked. I'm not perfect. And thanks to you, I don't have any magic anymore. The only gifts I have left are the vampire gifts. Thanks a lot for that, too, by the way. You could have killed me, what were you thinking?”
            I shook my head.
            “I would never...”
            “Well, you did.”
            He leaned back in the armchair, still miffed and glowering at me like I was a horrible person. He glanced at a shiny silver watch on his wrist, then bolted up with inhuman speed. I followed suit.
            “Aw, jeez, I gotta go or I really am dead,” he said, running a hand over his short hair.
            “Don't go! I want to help!”
            “It's too late for me, but for the Goddess' sake, don't let the bad one win!”
            He took off before I could react.
            “How do I get back?” I yelled after him, but it was too late; he was long gone.
            I leaned back in my chair, suddenly exhausted. I yawned, then everything went dark.

As Promised, here is a teaser from her WIP:

Teaser – Daughters of Night: Tribulation:

            A twig snapped directly behind me, but I’d heard it a half a heartbeat too late. Before I could react, a thick black fabric covered by head, obstructing my view and throwing me off balance. With a hard shove from my captors, I fell to the ground, sprawling in the dirt and pine needles.
            “Ow! Hey, what the-“
            “Quiet, bloodsucker!”
            The command was followed by a kick to my side that would have had me reeling with pain when I was a human. At the moment, however, it was nothing more than an irritation.
            Hands held me down on the ground, which was pretty useless. I lifted my arm effortlessly and shook it hard enough to knock away the hands holding me, then reached up and yanked the fabric sack off of my head.
            With angered yelps, my captors tried once again to restrain me and shove the bag back over my head. But I was getting restless and tired of the new game. I wasn’t used to being the helpless victim anymore, and I had no intentions of starting it up again.
            I looked between the faces above me, each one twisted in anger and disgust. There were two women and four men trying to hold me down, two of which were the men I had led into he wooded area.
            How ironic, I led myself into their trap. And I thought I was the hunter here.
            My frustration grew to contempt at being tricked and at their attempts to hold me down. I figured whatever had blocked my seduction earlier was still blocking it so I decided on another strategy. I smiled as I felt the exhilarating sensation of my fangs growing in, and moving too quickly for their human eyes to even comprehend, I snatched the one closest to me.
            It tuned out to be a strong, feisty man who wanted to put up a fight. I smiled even wider at his tenacity, knowing it would make little to no difference in his fate, but it would give me such gratification taking the scumbag down.
            I leaped off the ground, and the faces of the group turned upward as I sailed up over their heads, still holding tightly to the man I had claimed as my first victim. When I landed easily on my feet, my prey flailing to the ground hard, I ripped his head to the side and, in true theatrical vampire fashion, sank my fangs deep into his jugular artery. Fresh, warm blood splashed onto my tongue, and I lost myself for a few seconds in ecstasy, excitement pulsing through my own veins.
            Before I drained him completely, I pulled back, making sure some of his blood spilled down my chin as a warning. I listened closely to his heartbeat as I dropped him to the ground. Fast, a little erratic, but not in danger of dying. He’ll live. Maybe even be a little smarter for the experience.
            Satisfied that he would be fine, I turned my attention to the crowd rushing toward me. After the day I’d had, I was looking forward to a scuffle.
            A woman reached me first, a stake in hand. Stereotypical vampire hunter. And so naïve!  I jerked to the left to avoid her attack, grabbed her wrist, bent it up at a painfully unnatural angle until I heard the bones snap. Still holding her wrist, I twirled her around so her arm was crossing her chest and her back was to me. Her free hand was flailing haphazardly, trying to grab onto something. I grabbed her flailing arm at the elbow and yanked it backward, dislocating her shoulder. Finally registering the pain, she let out a high-pitched wail. Losing myself in the thrill of battle, I silenced her screams by ripping out her throat with my teeth.
            By then, hands were on me again, pulling me to the right as the other woman and a man took the bleeding woman from my grasp. Laughing, I twisted around quickly and stared into the dark brown eyes of a young man-about twenty. Still just a kid.
            A kid who has made a terrible mistake coming out here tonight.
            Without any further thought about the kid, I snapped my fangs at his face, scaring him as I’d meant to. He let go and jumped back. I used his sudden reaction to break free of the rest of the hands and charged him, knocking him down. I pinned him there with my knee on his chest, and smiling, I grabbed his wrist and bit. Hard. I felt the veins sever completely as I bit through them, ripping flesh, tendon, and muscle apart in one swift movement. His eyes filled with regret and fear.
            More hands on me suddenly, pulling me off of him. I shrugged, knocking the hands loose, and turned to face them. I was getting tired of playing. Before their clumsy hands could stop me, I decided to try the magic I’d been practicing with Blair.
            I took a deep breath, and silently called out to the Goddess Hecate to lend me her power. I instantly felt my body start tingling with magic, and I focused it all within me, letting it fill me with an intense power. Concentrating resolutely, I willed it to build and build with pressure. Hands grabbed at me, but I stood firm and unmoving. The pressure inside me was so great I felt like my head was about to explode, and when I felt I couldn’t hold it in me any longer, I knew it was time to release it.
            With a wide gesture of my arms to direct the energy, I exhaled hard and pushed the energy out of me like an explosion. I felt and watched the energy leave my body in a wave, similar to a nuclear blast, and the remaining men and woman flew backward several feet, some hitting trees, some falling to the ground. I laughed, watching them drop like flies.
            Satisfied that the game was finally over, I started walking away, back toward home. I was still high from the fight, and I licked the blood off my lips as my teeth returned to normal. Then I heard the boy’s voice.
            I stopped walking and whipped my head around to see him. He was barely alive, his heartbeat was weak and failing. I flitted over to him and dropped to my knees.
            “What did you say?” I asked, my voice laced with danger.
            “He-he lives. Sanctuary. I beg Sanctuary.”
            I grabbed him by his unbuttoned shirt and pulled him close to my face.
            “What do you know about Sanctuary and my son?”
            “I’m… a… witch,” he said, his breath gurgling with blood.
            The truth dawned on me, and I realized what I had done.
            I just killed my own kind. I killed witches! Oh, Goddess, no! Why didn’t they say something? Fools! And at least this one knows something about Damien, so the rest must know as well. Why, then would they want to kill me? I need answers, and this kid is the only one willing to talk. He better hope he changes.
            Fuming with anger, I stood and lifted him with me.
            “If you want to live and you want to claim Sanctuary, listen close. You’re going to die. I’m going to make sure of that. But when you’re in the darkness and the light comes for you, turn away and choose the darkness, or you’ll cross over. And if you do THAT, you’d better be ready for me to come yank you back and kill you all over again. Choose the darkness. Understand?”
            He nodded, and I snatched his wrist with a snarl, draining him to his death. After he exhaled his last breath, I flung him over my shoulder and took off running back home.
            Ah, crap. How the hell am I going to explain THIS to Gaviyn? I thought as I raced back to our home in the Colorado mountains.

Wow......wait there's more!!!! 
Ashley was kind enough to go even further with us.......We were lucky enough to get an added interview with one of her characters aswell as herself...Well aren't you lucky kids to get such a treat

Character Interview: Gaviyn Hartford:

TDP: Hi Gaviyn, thanks for, um...I mean, I just...whew, is it hot in here or is it just me?

Gaviyn: It's just you.

TDP: (GULP) Well, thanks for talking with me, I um...

Gaviyn: Yes?

TDP: Oh, um, so, you're a vampire, right?

Gaviyn: Yes, I haven't been human since the twelfth century.

TDP: Oh my, that's a long time! Er, not saying that you're old or anything, but, um, well, that's just impressive.

Gaviyn: It seems like a long time because it really is. Time has a way of passing quickly when you're the closest thing to immortal as a being can be.

TDP: I see. Well, so tell us how it all happened?

Gaviyn: You mean how I became a vampire?

TDP: (nods dumbly, trying not to be too obvious that I'm staring and constantly swallowing the buildup of saliva)

Gaviyn: Very well. The woman I loved had been taken from me-murdered while I stood helplessly watching. She was cursed for an eternity of lifetimes, and the pain was unbearable. I begged to any deity who would hear me to grant me the strength to avenge her. It was the Goddess Hecate who answered my call, and She made me what I am; a Son of Night created in Her image. 

TDP: Wow. This girl must have been really special.

Gaviyn: Indeed she is.

TDP: Wait...IS? I thought she was murdered?

Gaviyn: Correct. She was murdered. I sought out my revenge, and she was reborn. Over and over again, in more lifetimes than I care to recall, and in each lifetime, her time was cut short before we could be together. At first it appeared to be caused by some unseen force, but then after a...slight altercation with the incarnation of evil, her lives were stolen away even sooner by their hands. In fact, one could say the cause of the altercation was due to yet another untimely demise of my love.

TDP: (Staring in total idiotic silence)

Gaviyn: It was a very long, dark part of my life. But those days are over now. My Caroline was reborn as Carmen, and she is back at my side where she belongs.

TDP: That's got to be one of the most tragically romantic stories ever told.

Gaviyn: (laughing) Tragic at times, yes, though I'm not sure how romantic a story it is.

TDP: Oh, it's romantic, and I'm completely jealous right now!

Gaviyn: Ah, that's nonsense. A stunning woman like yourself is certain to have more suitors and romance than the world can handle.

TDP: (Giggling like a schoolgirl) You're a charmer, Mr. Hartford.

Gaviyn: (A hypnotic, lazy grin on his face) I speak only the truth.

TDP: Well...thank you. Um, so, what's new at Sanctuary?

Gaviyn: There's always something new at Sanctuary. Most recently it's been the hustle and bustle of the upcoming shift of power as a new High Priestess is named.

TDP: OH! What's going on with Carmen and you?

Gaviyn: (Smiling mischievously) Let's just say we have other obligations to tend to. 

TDP: Come on, not even a hint?

Gaviyn: Ah, well...Carmen has been...promoted.

TDP: How exactly does a vampire witch High Priestess get promoted?

Gaviyn: For that, you'll have to just wait and see in Tribulation.

TDP: Damn! Well, I really appreciate you stopping by for an interview today. This is really awesome.

Gaviyn: Anything for you, m'lady.

TDP: (Giggling and blushing several shades of red) You're too kind. Good luck with the upcoming power shift.

Gaviyn: Thank you. 

TDP: (whispering) I love you...

Gaviyn: I'm sorry, did you say something?

TDP: Oh, no, I was just reminding myself to pick up milk on my way home. Bye!! *runs away embarrassed*

We really hoped you enjoyed all the special treats we had for you today. Who knows what awaits in next weeks Monday Mention, guess you will have to be here to find  Thank you all for spending this time with us, and we hope the rest of your week is a wonderful one.