Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Angela O'Brien

Welcome to today's Monday Mention. Today we are bringing you the talented Angela O'Brien. We hope you enjoy the interview and learn new things.


1.) Tell us what a day in the life of ____________________ is like.

HECTIC! It needs to be in caps it's that full on. A Lazy day for me involves cleaning the house, caring for my infant daughter while my son is at school, managing an online business which includes website management, ebay store management, facebook page management, photographing and cataloging stock AND outsourcing new products, oh and since I handmake the jewellery for the business, I also do that too. And remember, I said that was a lazy day. You don't want to know what a busy day is like haha.

2.) What made you want to start writing?

I've always enjoyed writing, even as a kid. I don't think it's the 'writing' that I enjoy so much as it's more of a case of me just enjoying creating something that other people enjoy, whether it's books, poems, songs, jewellery, paintings or simple interior design, I love to create magic.

3.) When writing, do you prefer silence or some kind of background noise?

I have four children, one of which is autistic and one of which is 8 weeks old. Silence isn't really an option.

4.) Morning person or night owl?

Night owl. Although my mornings start at about 5:30am so my night owl energy boost kicks in at about 2pm lol. 5.) Do you prefer to have a schedule or wing it?

In some aspects, I have to have a schedule, in the case of having a pedantic autistic son, routine is kind of a must but I just do what I feel like at the time. If I want to spend a whole day on web design, I'll do that and let everything else; even the housework, go to the wayside.

6.) When you have downtime from writing, what do you like to do?

I manage my business, Moan Clothing and Accessories.

7.) Do you make an outline or just write?

I've tried the whole outline thing, it's never ended well. If I had outlined Katerina's book, I never in a million years would have had the finished product I ended up submitting.

8.) What advice would you give aspiring writers?

If you hit writers block, go back to page one and read your work. It re-familliarises you with your characters and you dive into their lives, following them on their journey. Let the characters lead you, don't force them to do things that they don't want to do. Sounds bizarre when put into that context, but anyone who has ever written a book, or even read one, knows what that sentiment means.

9.) How do you come up with your ideas?

I don't. Does that make sense? I don't 'come up' with anything. I pick one character, one name and then I introduce myself to them, ask them to show me their world and they do. For example: Called to Kill, a story about a call girl named Kitty Kat who doubles as an assassin. That was all I had. There was no backstory, no progression of any kind, until I introduced myself to Kitty Kat and she removed her mask, removed her contact lenses, told me her real name and showed me her life.

10.) Do you like to base your characters on pure fiction or is there a little of real friends in them?

I'm sure a little of it is based on reality, but it's subconscious. Except in the case of Kitty Kat's love interest. Looks wise he's my boyfriend down to the finest detail, personality and sexually he is what every woman wants her man to be.

11.) Do you have a favorite author and why?

I have three; Richelle Mead, Cate Tiernan and L.J. Smith. Why? Because I have read their series, connected with them and shed tears for the characters. I'm not much of a reader so if I read the first book completely and then purchase the second, third, fourth etc, then it's a damned good series. Richelle Mead especially, her books inspired me to get back into writing after a good few years so when I become famous, I'm going to invite her for coffee and thank her in person. That's the dream anyway. 


Angela OBrien is an Australian born and bred mother of three biological children and one she inherited upon meeting her current partner, Daniel. She currently lives in the south Victorian coastal town of St Leonards which gives her plenty of time for hobbies because there isn't really much else to do. She writes, make handmade jewelry and runs MOAN Clothing and accessories; an online business specializing in fashion and accessories, with a close friend.
Angela shamefully admits to never being much of a reader, never able to find things to get into. That is until she stumbled upon Cate Tiernans Wicca series in a library and fell in love with them, even shedding tears when a main character vanished, presumed dead in book fourteen. Then came the vampires. Not the Nancy boy, sparkly variety but real vampires in the form of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy and L.J.Smith's Vampire Diaries. Vampire Academy is also what reignited Angela's love for creative writing. For someone who didn't read, Angela's imagination and love for creating something she would read, made her an exceptional writer. In high school she got her only A+ in ninth grade English. Essay writing. Everyone else wrote the required 1000 words before putting their pens down. Angela wrote a novella.

Thank you for joining us today, be sure to check back next week, when we bring you yet another Author from our growing company.

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