Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Elvira Bathory

Today we meet one of our erotica authors, Elvira Bathory. She is an amazing writer who will have your windows steamed, and leave you wanting more with her words. 


1.) Tell us what a day in the life of Elivra Bathory is like.
A day in the life of Elvira Bathory is pretty calm. I wake up in the morning and do my morning exercises, have a small breakfast and head into my job as a costume consultant for the local theatres in New Mexico. There I do my best to consult with the costumer makers and directors of small plays to make the costumes as authentic as possible.

2.) What made you want to start writing?

I have always loved reading romance novels. Something about the way a heroine and hero in these novels fight so hard to be together. But I found that some of the romance novels that I would read became a little boring, so I tried my hand at writing a short romance with less plot and more action. I prefer to get down to business when I write my erotica. I know some plot is needed just to make sure that the story line is moving along, but why make the reader wait eighteen chapters to get to the good stuff? 

3.) When writing, do you prefer silence or some kind of background noise?

I prefer to have some sort of sensual type of music playing in the background. I feel that it keeps me in the mood to write any of the steamy scenes that I write.

4.) Morning person or night owl?

Night owl all the way

5.) Do you prefer to have a schedule or wing it?

I have often tried to have a schedule when it comes to my writing and have found that winging it has been a much better practice for me.

6.) When you have downtime from writing, what do you like to do?

I like to read and try to blow my cat’s ear drums with my singing.

7.) Do you make an outline or just write?

Outlines are good when you’re in the idea stages of your pieces, be them shorts or novels, but when it comes to actually writing that glancing at the outline of ideas helps but isn’t absolutely needed.

8.) What advice would you give aspiring writers?

I would advise all aspiring writers to just write. Don’t listen to any rejection letters you may have received since you started writing and don’t listen to any of the nay sayers out there. A good friend of mine always says, “Haters gonna hate” and he would be right.

 9.) How do you come up with your ideas?

My ideas come from everything around me. Watching that couple in the coffee shop in the beginning stages of love, or the couple in the grocery store that have been together for years help inspire all of my romance and erotica writing.

10.) Do you like to base your characters on pure fiction or is there a little of real friends in them?

It depends on my mood actually. Some of my characters have been based on real friends and then there are those characters that seem so real to me that I have to get them down.

11.) Do you have a favorite author and why?

Nora Roberts would be one of my favorite authors because she really knows how to spin a romance story that will keep you reading until the very end.


Elvira Bathory is a succubus who preys on the strongest of men. In her 35 years on this Earth, she has seen some of the most carnal acts of passion committed by man, some she has caused herself. Having spent so much time consuming the energy that came from other couples enjoying each other's company, she decided that it was time for her to enjoy someone's company on a more permanent basis. Traveling the world, she chose to settle in a small town in the state known as New Mexico. Still in search of that perfect man, she spends her nights inventing him from her mind onto the pages of her steamy erotic stories.


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